Klein Consulting

Known as "the" person for those that find themselves in political trouble - Philip Klein is nationally known for using his investigative experience in bringing swift conclusions to matters regarding high profile individuals as well as elected officials.

Over the past 15 years, Klein has been involved in high profile cases that legal counsels around the United States have used. As well, Klein has testified in over 500 cases that resulted in positive endings for clients.

Since 2002, Klein has been featured in many national radio, TV and print media stories and has related his experience as an investigator in high profile cases which have raised awareness to their particular case or cause. Further, Klein has been featured in seven countries outside of the United States to which have resulted in kidnapped children and abducted Americans in their successful flight home.

Klein is investigative counsel to nine law firms and corporations around the United States. As well he has been instrumental in the education of many families and business travelers in what to watch for and expect while traveling outside of the United States in these dangerous times.

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