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Philip Klein

Philip Klein has been a nationally recognized investigator practicing Texas for more than 25 years. Klein started his investigation practice working with Equifax / Prudential in the primary claims division, handling insurance death claims. In 1992 Klein formed Klein Investigations and Consulting to serve the expanding and growing legal market in Texas and around the United States. Klein has worked with every major insurance company and their law firms in cases around the United States.

Klein holds a level IV and managers license with the Texas Commission on Private Security, is a State Licensed PPO, holds a State Accredited Fire Fighters License, Emergency Medical Services Basic License, and a Level 2 Arson Certificate. He further holds a Standing Rule 103 in Texas.

Klein has attended Federal and State interrogation, intelligence, close personal protection and surveillance schools and holds numerous State and Federal certificates. He is also a Child Rescue Network Investigator and has been responsible for retrieving hundreds of children and fugitives in his career. As well has been recognized with numerous awards.

In 2002, Klein, along with his two business partners created Texas Professional Bodyguards, LLC. A full-service intelligence and close protection agency designed to provide close personal protection for those in need. He is a veteran of Hurricane Rita, Ike, and Katrina in providing close personal protection of communication and utility workers, as well as media representatives. TPB serviced the infrastructure utility companies and provided protection for ground operations personnel after the storm(s).

Philip is a long-standing member of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators and the Associated Security Services and Investigators. Klein also speaks to groups around the United States on abductions and consults law enforcement and the legal community regarding domestic kidnapping cases.

Mr. Klein has been a noted guest speaker and lecturer at law schools around the State of Texas. As well Mr. Klein is a sought after speaker for special events giving his humor and stories of his experiences in previous cases he has been involved in.

Klein has been featured on media programs including NBC’s Dateline and The Today Show, CNN’s Nancy Grace Show, Geraldo Rivera, CNN Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, MSNBC, Good Morning London, Australia’s Channel 9 Evening News, Today Show Australia, and is a media resource for the national media regarding kidnappings, parental abductions and Homeland Security issues.

To read more about Mr. Klein and his TV and Radio appearances please refer to IMDB by clicking here.

Charles “Charley” Klein

TPLI, PPO, Senior Investigator

Charley Klein joined the company as a Level One Investigator in December of 2007. In 2012, Charley became a full-time investigator and over the years has been promoted to different divisions of the company. In October of 2016, Charley was promoted to Senior Investigator who oversees all field operations and equipment.

Charley is based in Nederland, Texas but travels all over the U.S. He is trained in all areas of investigations but specializes in Personal Protection, Undercover Ops, Drone operations, Worker’s Comp cases, Domestic/Infidelity, Phone/Auto/Home Sweeps, and Locates.

Charley brings to the company great work ethic, is highly trained in personal protection and has achieved the highest level in such, great communication skills with clients, and is the man to call when a job needs to get done.

Tim Gravette, TPLI

Tim joined the firm in April of 2004. Tim has been involved in the federal and criminal justice system for over 25 years. Tim is in charge of the Louisiana operations for KIC and bases that operation in Louisiana. As well as a level III investigator, Tim is highly trained in hostage negotiation, homeland security, interviewing, and surveillance operations.

Tim is based in Louisiana and is “Of Counsel” to the firm.

Caroline K. Gear, M.Ed, TPLI

Investigator III

Caroline has acquired her Master’s in Education, Counseling and Development from Lamar University with a Bachelors in Psychology from Texas Tech University.

Her current assignment is researcher and investigator on all missing children’s cases nationwide, as well as, insurance investigation review and research. Caroline also provides supervised custody visitations, supervised transportation exchanges, and home welfare checks.

Caroline brings with her excellent people skills, love, and understanding for children, and seven years of investigation experience.

In May of 2016, Caroline was promoted to Sr. Assistant to the president of the company. She is responsible for all coordination of Child Rescue Cases.

Gil Martinez

Investigator II / Personal Protection Officer

California Operations

Gill joined the team in March of 2007 as assigned to the special services group in San Antonio, Texas. Gil is stationed in Central Texas where he works all over the State and the United States. As a former LA County Sheriff’s Deputy, Gil comes to both KIC and TPB as a highly trained investigator and close personal protection agent.

This past year, Gil has been assigned to different operations around the United States. Some of those include protection of corporate officials, undercover assignments, and missing person’s cases. Gil is bi-lingual and speaks fluent Spanish.

Gil brings a wealth of law enforcement and protective services experience to both KIC and TPB. Gil is currently serving “Of Counsel” in California.

Kim Jackson, TPLI

Investigator II

Kim joined the team in May of 2018 as an investigator. She is now a level II investigator.

Kim comes from a law enforcement background, both from her family and her beginning career. Starting in 1994 as a 911 dispatcher and then various positions in multiple departments, she found her love for investigating.

Her family background, combined with her working history and hundreds of hours of training, has shaped her character in that Kim strongly believes in honesty, integrity, dedication, respectful and open communication, and to always do unto others as she would have them do unto her.

Richard Quiroga, PPO

Investigator – PPO Team Leader – Instructor

Richard joined the company in council in 2001 with the formation of Texas Professional Bodyguards LLC., Richard is well known and highly respected as a personal protection officer and instructor in the State of Texas. Richard worked with the City of San Antonio Police Department as a highly decorated officer and SWAT Commander.

In 2001 after horrific events of 9-11, Richard and Philip joined together to form Texas Professional Bodyguards, LLC. The company is responsible for close personal protection to dignitaries, executives, and individuals throughout the United States. As well, corporate terminations and takeovers.

TPB Texas serves the needs in the personal protection community throughout the United States.

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